The Faraway Tree

This one is inspired from a favorite book of mine called ‘The Faraway Tree’ written by Enid Blyton. As a kid, I loved this three book series and still is one of my favorites!

Have you read it? Is it your favorite too?


Turning book into an art!

Recently, I saw some amazing displays of book art (book sculptures) on Pinterest. And, I fell in love with this art form almost instantly. It’s so innovative! It was hard to believe that such beautiful displays can be made out from a book. I was so inspired by it that I felt that I should give it a shot too.

So, here is my (serious) attempt at it.    


As they say, one should not stop learning. So, what did I learn from this. I learnt – 

1. To be patient. This art form takes time and lots of detailing.

2. That it should not be completed in one go. Do it over a few days (depending on how big the task is). That way you can enjoy it more.

3. That it’s very important to choose proper space for the installation or the display.

4. That the end result of your hard work really gives you happiness, especially, when you learn something new.

So, how did you find my first attempt guys? I plan to give it another shot in future with a hope to do even better 🙂

Inspirational Art #1

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is one of the books that has inspired people for decades. I’m one of them too.

Every single page and every single line in this book gives you the flight that one needs to take to follow their dreams.

So, here I bring to you few of my favorite lines from this book with a little twist of art. 

Read, believe, get inspired and follow your dream! Your dreams have the power to make you happy! 

Keep watching this space for more! 


Source: These lines are from the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

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Day 39 of #100HappyDays

My book has finally arrived! Can’t wait to begin reading it.