Mission accomplished! – Day 99/100of #100HappyDays

The weekend fun got extended till Monday! And, I love when such unexpected things fill my life with happiness.

I’m so so happy that my mission to log 100HappyDays is also complete and I was able to stick to it. This has been a big achievement on the personal front. I can feel the change in my outlook and perception towards life.

Thank you to all the people who followed me and who shared my happiness and felt happy when I was happy. Thank you for being a part of it.

Although, I will continue to practise HappyDays everyday, I will not log it. I think it has now become a part of me and my thought process and will come naturally to me. I have a few new plans for the blog. I will be sharing that very soon!!

Until then, stay happy as always! 🙂 


Weekend fun! – Day 97/98 of #100HappyDays

Have a great weekend everyone!

I am visiting a friend’s place this weekend! I was so busy (excited!) planning and packing yesterday that I forgot to write the post! 🙂 

I am looking forward to a weekend full of gossips, laughter, shopping and food! And, I am happy that my log of #100HappyDays will end on such a good note. 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend ?!

Grateful for Love – Day 93 of #100HappyDays

They say you should be grateful for all the love you have in life to receive more of it! I don’t think I can ask for more. 

I am grateful for all the love I have in my life in all forms. It is my strength that helps me move forward and my happiness that keeps me going at all times! 🙂

This is an oldie I made few months back!   

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When Mom turns into a kid – Day 91 of #100HappyDays

Mom turns into a kid when …


… She’s addicted to games on her phone. Subway surfer to be precise!

… She fights with you to let her watch her favourite T.V. (Dance!) Show.

… She orders junk food for dinner.

… She wants a new phone.

… She wants to catch up late night movies.

… She wants all the love, care and attention from her kids. 

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T.G.I.F Quote- Day 90 of #100HappyDays

I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.

– Stephenie Meyer

A day with all the hard work – Day 89 of #100HappyDays

It feels good to lay dead tired on the bed after a productive and hectic day at work (and after work!).

Work hard and chase your dreams!!

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Get Creative – Day 88 of #100HappyDays

 Getting creative is one of the best ways to achieve a state of happiness and fulfilment. Getting creative calms the mind, enhances productivity and gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

Being creative does not always have to mean making art. You can get creative while doing the decor of your home, or while cooking, or while writing, or maybe at your work too!

So, are you creative? What are your ways to get those creative juices flowing?

There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.

– Pablo Picasso

Message from the Angels – Day 86 of #100HappyDays

Message from the Angels by Doreen Virtue! This message has come at the right moment in my life! 🙂

Ice cube popsicles – Day 85 of #100HappyDays

Ice cube popsicles, a perfect way to cool down this Summer! 

I remember my Mum making this when we were kids. We loved them so much that we would finish all of them in one day. They are refreshing and are quick and easy to make!

Just take your favourite syrup/crush. Add some water to dilute it. Pour in the ice tray and freeze.

The ice cube popsicles I made today are rose flavored. You can even use fresh fruits and juices instead of artificial flavours. I think watermelons, lemons and oranges would be refreshing.

Add these cubes to plain water, or a drink, or to your lemonade or just put in a toothpick and enjoy it as a popsicle. Kids will love it for sure! And the parents too 🙂

A tip: Sprinkle some rock salt to give the taste a little twist!

Try it out!



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Meet ‘2bechosen’ on Her Story!


Meet the brutally honest blogger ‘2bechosen’.

About Me: I am 2bechosen, a confident, strong, 28 years old, single lady with a lot of persistence.I want to be a teacher in economics. I haven’t reached my goal yet. I will soon get there. I have Ghanaian roots and was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Being a woman: For me, the most important thing of being a woman is the gift I possess to care and nurture others. In the end, I want to be remembered for my love, care and help. Not the clothes I wore, not the nice make up I had on, not the fancy job I had, not the money that I would have left behind. I want to be remembered for the good things I did. At least, that is what I want.

Managing work and home: Me-time! I make sure that I have enough me-time. I am a single lady with no children. So you might think: what is there to manage? Well, I have a very needy family. I combine my free time with getting my house in order, visiting friends/family and having me-time. I get a lot of energy from me-time. This what I insist myself to do:
– relax
– take a long bath
– have a high-tea
– paint my nails
– put an facial mask on
– watch a movie/tv-show
– go for a walk
– go the gym
– read a book/magazine
– count my blessings

Coping with stress: When I am in stress, I normally hide in my house, which, I know is not a good strategy. I hide because I don’t want people to see me weak or in need. The best thing that I can do is: trust people around me to help get through this. Make an plan of attack and move forward. That is the best approach for me. I also tell myself that: this stressful/hard time is not going to last forever. There will come a time that all things will be peaceful again.

Mantra for Happiness: Everyone can create their happiness. For me happiness is a mindset. Trust me, I have been in a very dark place, I have had my share of low phases. One day I said: enough is enough: I am worthy of being happy, I am worthy of being a positive minded person. The next question to myself was: How can I be this person. How can I feel the opposite of what I am feeling right now? Guess what? I just needed to change my way of thinking. Which resulted to a positive way of behaving. A good way of looking, dressing, interacting with others. Everything will change if you change your mindset. Think positive and positive things will come to you. Its a process. Do not think things will change overnight. You have to be patient. It works!!

A tip that you would like to share: Women are unique and blessed. God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I believe we are the strongest. We are built to carry a baby for 9 months. We are built to nurture our kids. They all say, there is no harder job than being a mother. Its a 24/7, 365 days a year job. If He has given us such important responsibilities, then there is nothing that we can’t achieve. We have to keep in mind when you face obstacles on the road. Keep in mind when you need to climb a wall you never climbed before.
Whatever you need to do, you CAN do!

Here’s your chance to get featured on this blog and share your story with the entire world. So, if you want to share your story, or if you know anyone who should be featured here, write to me at thegleeinme@gmail.com. 

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