Today’s doodle!


The bloom

Finding my way back!


Some doodle pattern art this time! The work is still in progress… I plan to combine it with some mixed media.. Or, maybe not! Let’s see how it turns out.. I will post a picture of the completed piece soon 🙂


Break free!



‘Mood Cube’ – Miniature Art

I found this little cube of wood at home which was tempting enough for me to think what can be done with it.

To begin with I painted it all white.

IMG_4520So, I thought what next? I decided to paint cute little birds with different expressions or moods – joy, hungry, sleepy, angry, amazed and feeling loved on it.


IMG_4517IMG_4518IMG_4519IMG_4522This sits on my desk at work and works perfectly as my mood indicator 🙂

Adorable, isn’t it ?

‘Waiting for the miracle to happen!’ – Mixed Media Art

Another page from the Art Journal! Have a great Sunday guys!! 🙂

Miniature Art – ‘A rustic chest of drawers’

My love for creating miniature art is growing day by day. A world with tiny people and tiny things is full of imagination. Every creation is intricately designed and requires precision and patience. Tried my hand at making a rustic looking chest of drawers.

Isn’t it cute??!



Miniature Art titled ‘Reaching new heights’

The best view comes after the hardest climb!

This miniature art installation is inspired by mountaineers who overcome all the obstacles and reach the highest point they have always dreamt of.