About the blogger

Hi there!

I am Garshita, a software engineer by profession, a blogger at thegleeinme.com and marketeng.com and an artist by passion.

Quick five things about me –

  • I have studied engineering and marketing and I am a software developer by the day. I also write at www.marketeng.com on marketing and tech stuff!
  • I am a self-taught artist and I love creating art. It could be as simple as painting a rock or doodling in my art journal or painting on a canvas. I am exploring and learning every single day!
  • I love everything bright and red.
  • I wish I could sing.
  • I secretly wish to time-travel (shhh…!).


My blog gives me a platform to connect with people all around the world. My posts and art are related to happiness because I want to inspire and share a smile with every individual who stumbles upon my blog.

Although, I enjoy my day job as a geeky programmer, this blog is my passion and a medium that brings out my creativity at its best. It allows me to follow my creative instincts and create stuff!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing and creating it for all you beautiful people out there!

You can connect with me on InstagramFacebookLinked In or Twitter for more regular updates.





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