Set it free…

A Tiny drawing…Just a thought! What say?



Break free!



And…We are back! After a Wedding :)


Hey everyone!

How have you all been?

First of all, let me start by apologizing for vanishing away all of a sudden from the blogging world. It all just happened so fast!

To begin with, I got married in November last year. And, like every other girl, I was super excited about this event. It all started towards the beginning of August – ‘The Proposal’, ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Wedding Date’! We finalized the date for November. So, with just three months in hand and a full-time job, here I was juggling between my work and the wedding preps. The infinite shopping sprees, venue and food selection, invitation cards, and my job left me with no time. None at all! Trust me!

By God’s grace, all went as planned. It was a beautiful ceremony and enjoyed by everyone. I had lots of fun!! 🙂 After the wedding, my husband and I got busy traveling as we moved to a new place. We got busy setting up the house. All this while, I have just been enjoying cooking, traveling and exploring my new world! Now, that I am settled, I don’t want to neglect ‘The Glee In Me’ anymore. So here I am, back with a bang! 🙂

I have loads of new stuff planned and some of it is already in progress. This new season of ‘The Glee In Me‘ will begin with a complete makeover of the blog, a different theme, lots of creative art and some happy musings!

Happiness is just around the corner!

Keep watching this space for more!

Lots of love,