Happy thoughts Happy things

This post has been long due. I am proud to write in and support my best friends efforts in spreading cheer, joy and hope in lives of people out there.

My life experiences thus far have been rewarding as they have helped in developing my mental muscle, my thought process is very practical and mature, I have learnt very early on to let go, not expect and accept things for what they are.

If I had to make a list (Garshita knows how much I love making lists) of all the things that give me immense happiness, I would say the following:

1. Work – I value constructive utilization of my time and I know what I bring to the table. I am a very diligent, sincere and analytical worker. Developing new systems, policies and implementing innovative projects gives me a new high everyday. My motto at work is “Why the hell not!”

2. Gym – I realized the importance of physical fitness only after returning from United Kingdom. I was at the peak of un-healthiness and it took alot of effort to improve my stamina, change my lifestyle and overcome lingering body image issues. Now my day is incomplete without going to the gym. I realize that this is the biggest gift you can give yourself. It takes ages off you and all the people showering compliments makes you feel divine.

3. Helping others – I have had numerous experiences with helping people. I go out of the way to help anyone who is facing a problem or is stuck. It is unpleasant most of the times but I try to move on and learn lessons along the way.

4. Friends and Family – I love taking responsibility for the people in my inner circle. I am there for them unconditionally and 24*7.

5. Doing nerdy things – I am a technology freak, I love learning new things on a daily basis and I want to know everything about everything.

6. Shopping – I am at my efficient best when I shop. I keep getting killer deals which make it even more difficult to not shop. I love buying gifts for people close to me too.

7. I love spending time with children of any age, teaching them new things or just talking to them.

8. Sing, Dance, Party – I enjoy all of these from time to time and only with close friends.

9. Reading – I have a big library of my own already, I love reading books which build my vocabulary and help me escape into a different world for sometime and experience life differently, this also helps build perspective.

5. Writing – This has been an on and off activity since sometime now, earlier I could only write when I was very sad. But recently my columns featured in the local daily in the city and it was noticed by everyone.

6. Cleaning and organizing – People who know me say I am a OCD. I am happy when things are at their place, neatly stacked, clean and organized properly everyday. This extends even to files and folders on my laptop.

7. Movies & Music – Sometimes I am referred to as drama queen or movie freak. I love watching movies and critiquing them later. All the latest songs in any genre I have already heard of and if I like it its on repeat till I am bored of it.

Thanks Garshita for making me happy again since I got to make another list. I hope your work continues to inspire people and you go places!


This post is written by my dearest friend Soniya Kagliwal. A big thanks and hug for these inspiring words and for sharing your ‘the glee in me’ story with us.


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