Finding happiness…

I started on a quest you see
To find happiness in the things I see

What makes me happy and
Feel cheerful?
What triggers the bliss in me?

The smile of a child
After a frown
A melanoid night ending
At the crack of dawn

A clique of carnations
Nodding at spring
Dainty little butterflies
Dancing in the wind

Reaping the rewards
After relentless striving
Discerning that, the true joy
Is in giving

Keeping your composure
In trying situations
When your actions begin to
Speak louder than your words

Tears of joy when cradling
Your new born baby
The moment when she finally
Calls you her ‘mommy’

The list goes on
Seems never ending
A hundred reasons to be happy
And I’m still counting…

Happiness is all around you
Just waiting to be discovered
But it lives in your heart
Forever and ever and ever

Wear a smile on your face
Put a spring in your step,
Be happy in your heart and sing
And you’ll be the happiest person
That you can ever be!

– Padmini Jain

This beautiful poem has been written by Padmini Jain. You’ve said it all! Thanks for sharing these happy words with all our readers.


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