Can you answer this?

Hello lovely people!

I have a small DIY activity for you today!
I will ask you one simple question and you have to write down the first thing that comes to your mind on reading it. Easy? But, make sure you answer it as soon as you read the question. No cheating!

So, are you ready? Here it is –

What was the last thing that made you happy?

Your time is up! Do you have an answer? Or, are you still thinking? Most of us could still be thinking. Either you have too many happy memories and you are unable to choose one of them or it’s simply difficult to recall any happy moment.

Had the question been,
What was the last thing that made you sad?
Probably, this would have been easier to answer.

All of us experience happy and not-so-happy moments everyday. But, we tend to forget the little things that make us smile and cling onto the not-so-happy ones. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just recall the happy moments that we experience throughout the day?

To make this a part of your life, ask this question to yourself before you go to bed every single day. Try and recall all the things that made you smile. It could be the smell of flowers, or your morning cuppa, or a chat with your friend, or a laugh shared with your colleagues at work. Initially, you might take some time to think, but in no time you will master it.

It’s easy, very easy! If I can do it, so can you! Try it for a few days and share your experiences with us.

Lots of glee and happiness,


Glee cheat code #11

Sweat it out!

Ever experienced the joy after a workout session? One of the simple tips to quickly change your mood is to exercise. You can go for a run or a stroll outside, or simply practise the jump of joy. Put on your favourite music and dance or join a laughing club. The choice is yours! Take up any physical activity that you would like to do. You will be happy to see your mood change and you will also burn a few calories (yay! Bonus point!) ­čśŐ

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now ­čÖé

Glee cheat code #10

Splash water on your face, look in the mirror and SMILE!

Probably, looking in the mirror and smiling is the most difficult thing to do. But, this simple tip will give you back the self confidence and a magical power that nothing else can give you! It will help you regain your strength in that weak moment.

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now ­čÖé

Stop blaming yourself!

“It’s all my fault”.
“I should have done this.”
“I deserve all that is happening to me.” “It was silly of me to do this.”
“How could I make such a stupid mistake?!”

Sounds familiar? Sounds familiar to me! We all have gone through (and maybe still go through) this ‘oh!-it’s-all-my-fault’ phase. When things don’t go our way or as per our expectations we tend to either put the blame on others or on ourselves. It often becomes hard to accept that things turned out differently. It gets so difficult to accept the reality that we start living in guilt and blame ourselves for all that went ‘wrong’. Why are we so harsh on ourselves all the time?

Yes. We make mistakes. I make mistakes. No. I wouldn’t call them
mistakes. We take decisions that din’t work as expected. I take such decisions too. But, why do we forget that these decisions were taken in the moment when we thought it was the best for us. Maybe, we missed considering a fact or maybe we din’t see something coming along which changed the course of action. Or maybe it was never meant to happen that way. Whatever is the reason, the fact is that it’s not such a big deal. Bad, worse, worst happens! But, it’s not the end of the world. There is always a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Living in guilt or blaming yourself for the situation will just worsen the problem. It blocks our thought process and makes us weak.
Can we handle the act of blaming ourself maturely?
Yes. You can. I can. We all can!

And here is how we can do it.

1. Consider it as a blessing in disguise.
If you think deeply, every setback, every problem has a lesson to teach us. We should take a moment and realise what it could be. Find your blessing!

2. Love and trust yourself
All of us make wrong choices for wrong reasons. But, that should not stop us. Trust yourself again. Trust you can do it. Trust that you can have all that you desire just the way you always wanted to. Love yourself, because, nobody else can love you, the way you can!

3. Remember – It will be OK. Soon. Have faith and keep going!

Lots of love and glee,