Glee cheat code #9

Stay calm at all times.

Well, it’s easier said than done. I agree! But, I always keep this little positive note in my mind.

The bad, the worse, the worst happens! But, it’s just an end for all the best things to begin. 🙂

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂


A ‘Do-nothing-at-all’ day

The annoying sound of the alarm wakes you up. You snooze it. The final alarm rings (again!) and you are up. A typical ‘day’ begins. Morning chores, gym, cook, go to work, spend time with family and friends, drive, socialise, eat, read, sleep. This is pretty much every individual’s routine (not necessarily in the same order!).

We all have numerous tasks lined up for the day. And for some of us, we have it planned for a couple of days altogether. We all need a break from ‘the routine’! How do we unwind? Some of us love to party, some of us love the spa. Some like to spend a quiet weekend at home with family and some love to travel. Though I love all of this, my favourite way to unwind is to plan a ‘do-nothing-at-all’ day once in a while.

As it suggests, I do nothing at all. Really nothing! I wake up, eat, relax, keep my laptop and phone away, sleep, think good thoughts and simply laze around. It’s my way to relax the body, the mind, the thoughts and the soul. Believe me, it’s refreshing!

A ‘Do-nothing-at-all’ day will help you reinvent yourself and help discover new avenues. It will let you think clearly and positively. And, the next morning, you will find yourself waking up with a smile to the same annoying alarm.

I would suggest all my readers to try out a ‘do-nothing-at-all’ day. If you have an extremely hectic schedule and cannot afford to give it a day, try it for a few hours. But, do give it a shot! Of course, if done too frequently, it will not have the same effect. But, plan it once in a while and see yourself get re-energised, happier and more productive.

Try it out for yourself and share your experiences in the comments section. I would love to read them :).

Lots of love and glee,

Glee cheat code #8

Take a selfie

Yes, you read it right! It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s absolute madness!

You can read more on selfie love here.

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂

Be unique!

What do you think makes you unique? Is there anything that makes you stand out from the rest? If your answer is NO, then you have not given it a serious thought.

You are as unique as everyone else!

We all have our own unique qualities, abilities and characteristics. But, we tend to overlook it. Instead, we should figure out where our uniqueness lies and make it our strength.

We are all born originals – Why is it that so many of us die copies? – Edward Young

All of us want to succeed. All of us want happiness. All of us want money. All of us want to be strong. We all have the potential to achieve our dreams. The difference between achievers and non-achievers lies in the fact that they did, what no one else did. Tap your uniqueness. Make it your strength.

Live your dreams! Be unique!

Lots of love,

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Hues of Life…

Life teaches you lessons,
only for you to learn
You pursue sweet melons
but only thorns you earn

This is what you complain
and wail about all day long
But when the diamonds rain,
you are lost in a festive song

This rapture soon diminishes
and you get back to normal
From your mind the joy vanishes
and one thing you make formal

That hard is your destiny
for you were once smitten
Such is the irony
that sweet times are forgotten

And they are never reminisced,
but how great it would be
if they were once again kissed,
for so soothing is glee

Let positive be you attitude,
ecstasy will be rife
Let immense be your fortitude
to enjoy the hues of life.