Glee cheat code #7

Watch your favourite sitcom.

My all time favourites are F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory. No matter how bad my mood is, Sheldon, Chandler and Joey always cheer me up.

What are your favourite sitcoms? And which are your favourite characters? Share with us. 😊

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂


Mixed Media Art Print – I love to code!


This is what I do at work! This piece is for all my programmer and geeky friends out there :-).

This Mixed Media art print is available here.

Follow your heart!


This Mixed Media art print available here.

Three Mantras for happiness!




Mixed media art prints available here.

Fight your fears!

Few days ago I had a dream!

My deceased grandfather, whom I fondly called “nana”, was lying on the hospital bed, lifeless. He was on a life support system. We all were aware that he would not react or would not even wake up. All of us had gone to meet him at the hospital. It was me who entered the room first. As I walked towards him, he slowly opened his eyes and started talking. He said, “Oh! You’ve come?!” I had tears rolling down my eyes and went to call my mom and rest of the family members. All of them came running to the room and he spoke to each and everyone of us as if he had just woken up from a deep long sleep.

My nana passed away seven years ago. He was a man with a very strong will power. He had too many problems in life. But, I had never seen him upset or stressed out. He had a very weak heart and was told by the doctor that he would survive for a maximum of six more months. But, he lived for another ten years. That strong was his will power and that strong was his want to live life!

After the night he appeared in my dream, I became restless. I wanted to interpret that dream. I googled through a number of articles on dream interpretations. Though, there were many inferences, I could relate to only one. He wanted to tell me that all the obstacles in my life will soon be washed away. All my fears should be buried and I should move on with my life without any fear to change my destiny in my favour. He came to my rescue when I was in the lowest phase of my life. And when I think about everything that is going around me, I truly believe that he had come to give me strength and his blessings. I have a very powerful hand above my head who is taking care of me and preventing me to give in to my fears. And I shall overcome them to reach my destiny!

All of us have fears. Sometimes we make our worries and fears bigger than the actual problem. Instead of letting fears take control of our lives, we should win over them. Next time when you feel that your fears are controlling you and your actions, try these few tips which have helped me.

1. Stop thinking! Breathe! Drink water! Close your eyes and forcefully stop thinking. Our mind is very stubborn. You have to take the effort to calm it down. If a negative stubborn mind can create such a havoc in life, imagine the amount of goodness a positive mind can do.

2. Divert your mind. Do something you like to do. Write, paint, cook, read or watch television. Absolutely whatever you love to do!

3. Read inspiring quotes or stories.

4. Spend time with people who are closest to you. Share your fears with them. Have a conversation and take it all out.

My dream that night made me see life with a different perspective. It empowered me to create this piece of art. They say every art has a story to tell. This one really has. And I thought I should share my story with all of you. I dedicate this to my nana for his support, love and encouragement.

“The glee in me” art will focus on happiness and positivity, just like this blog. Keep watching this space for more inspiration!

The prints can be found here. A little about the art. It’s a mixed media art print. The actual piece is created using paper, water colours, oil pastels, acrylics, pens and lots of love 😊

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Lots of love and glee,


In my dreams flashed a new world,
home to smiling people, young and old.
Felicity and gaiety were abundant,
rapture and ecstasy were evident.

Love and peace were in full bloom.
For hatred, there was no room.
‘Rich and Poor’ had no substance,
war and bloodshed had no instance.

This utopia was beyond imagination,
but I was struck with realization.
The dream bore a veiled message
that man’s desires grow with age.

His craving can never be calmed,
with satanic feelings, he is armed
His thirst can never be quenched,
in bestial thoughts, he is wrenched.

The real world can be a better place,
only if we abort the mad race.
We need to shun spite and malice
to live life with eternal bliss.

This is written by my dearest friend Sumit Raina. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us!

Glee cheat code #6

Get Creative!

Write a story, paint, sing, dance or play a silly prank on your friend. Get those creative juices flowing to find a healthier and a happier you!

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂

Finding my Happiness in Nature

There is nothing more soothing and inspiring than watching lush green Mountains, clean white Waterfalls, slow moving Clouds or simply twinkling stars at night. The city life has taken us far away from these little things in life that are natural source of Happiness. So, only way to get in touch with Nature is to plan a trip to the countryside, which I recently did with my family!

It’s monsoon time in India (Yayy!). And the place where I live has some breathtaking one day getaway spots that take you to another world. Almost like a fairytale, away from the hustle bustle of the city.

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why I will let pictures do all the talking. Moreover, it was an experience that I can’t describe in words. It could just be felt!

So here it is …






























So, next time when you are exhausted and want to run away to peace and serenity, take a trip to a place closest to nature.

All pictures are taken using my iPhone and I have not edited any of them as I wanted to keep them at their original best.

This is my Glee In Me story for the month.

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