Freebies for happiness!

I love freebies! We all do. Shop for a certain amount and get something free. Or spend so much amount on a meal and get a Coke free! We all have received such freebies at some point or the other. And it obviously fills us with joy. But we pay a certain amount for buying this happiness. What if we had to pay nothing? What if there were freebies associated without any clause?
If you look around, there are! There are freebies which are truly free in nature – the real freebies for happiness!

1. Don’t shy away from the sunshine
Sunlight is believed to affect the production of endorphins which give a feeling of happiness and well-being. Sunlight is also the main source of Vitamin D which is very important for our body. Ofcourse, you don’t have to get burnt. Just a few minutes of exposure to the sun everyday can do wonders for your body and mind. Enjoy the sunshine early in the morning rather than mid day when it’s too hot (and harmful) to step out.

2. The magical potion called Water
I have already mentioned how drinking water affects happiness here. And I hope my readers are incorporating it ­čśŐ
A warm shower or a swim can also contribute to the happiness. And if you are lucky and live by the Sea or if you can manage to go to the beach, let the sound and the view of this magical potion soothe and calm you.

3. Smell of fresh air
With increase is pollution levels everyday, we are losing out on fresh air. But, nevertheless, try and get some fresh air early in the mornings. Go out for a walk in your garden or simply stand in the balcony. Close your eyes, breathe in the cold, moist, fresh air while you hear the birds chirp. Take a moment and let the energy flow in your body leaving you happy and prepared for the day ahead.

4. Smile. It costs nothing!
Keep smiling all day. Share smiles with people around you. You can read more on it here.

5. Daydream
As kids, we would always daydream and create imaginary stories of our own. We would picture ourselves as we want us to be. I am sure most of us have done that. Isn’t it?
Day dreaming is one form of visualizing. When we visualize what we want, how we want and when we want it, we are creating it to appear in our future life. So daydream about all the good things you want in life. Feel that you are already in the moment and live in that moment. It not only leaves you happy but also leads to positive thinking. I am a believer of The Secret and here are two of my favourite teachings from them.



Freebies are limited till stocks last. But these happiness freebies are unlimited. Use them to your advantage and bring happiness in your life!

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Lots of love and glee,


Glee cheat code #5

Focus on the good and happy things!

Always remember, our mind is a wishing factory, the Universe is a wish granting machine and our thoughts are our wishes.

You can read more about it here.

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now ­čÖé

Red, blue, green – What do you wear?

I love all colours, all bright colours! If you ask me pick up my favourite colour, I don’t think I can (tomato red maybe! I have a slight inclination towards it.) My choice of colours (or their shades) depend on where I would be seeing them. I would prefer a pink on my nails or in my wardrobe but not on my car! Colours rule my life. I feel colours make you stand out and bring out the personality in you.

Have you wondered why we wake up and go to work in the mornings and sleep at night? And why it’s not the other way round? Mornings are associated with bright blue sky, yellow cheery and warm sunlight, natural and peaceful greenery and colorful blossoming flowers. These morning colours provide a boost for a great day ahead. They make us more energised, energetic, productive and happier. On the other hand, nights are dark. And so are the colours associated with it. Probably that’s why monsoons and winters are also dull while we desperately wait for spring to come and cheer us up!

Colours stimulate our mind. The colours we wear have a similar effect on us. Wearing bright makes you cheerful and energised. When someone wearing bright vibrant colours enters the room, everyone seems to take notice. We are naturally drawn to beautiful bright colors. Everyone loves a bouquet of colorful and pretty flowers. Colours add positivity to our life.

Colours are wonderful for the mind and soul. Add in some colours to your wardrobe and see the difference. Avoid wearing colours like black, browns, beige or white when you are low. If you are not a lover of bright colours, add a dash here and there. Maybe in your shoes or jacket or accessories. It will not only lift your mood but also add twist to the outfit you are wearing. Go experimental and go bold! Add colours to your personality and to everything around you! Bring in colours to your life and welcome happiness the colourful way!
What colours rule your wardrobe? Share with us!

Lots of love and colours in your life,