Focus on the good (& happy) things!

Our mind is a wishing factory.
The Universe is a wish granting machine.
And our thoughts are our wishes.

We are constantly emitting thoughts (wishes!) – good and bad. I call our mind a wishing factory because it never tires from emitting thoughts – just like a factory which constantly produces goods. The Universe is a machine – a single powerful machine with a super duper giant processor which can never fail or shut down. Its job is to grant all the wishes coming from our minds – good and bad!

How many times have we experienced what we have thought? Oh! I will get late for work tomorrow. Or I am gonna screw this surely! Or I know I won’t be able to finish it by deadline! And unfortunately, all of this happens as we had imagined.

We all have fears and we end up focussing on them so much that the Universe grants us the experience. The Universe doesn’t have a filter to distinguish between the good and the bad. But our mind does have that. So, it’s our job to filter out our fears and negative thoughts and pass on the good and happy thoughts to our beloved Universe. And then wait for the magic to unfold before our eyes 😊

We should and must train our mind to focus on positive and happy things. We all have problems and struggles. Deal with them and move on. Don’t waste your wishes (thoughts) on things that will not bring you happiness. Make it a daily ritual to shift your focus on only the good things in life! A ritual soon becomes a habit, a daily habit!

Focus is the key to get things done as per our wish.
And focussing on good things is the key to happiness!

May all your happy wishes come true!

Lots of love,


Glee Cheat Code #4

Take a nap!

Nap or power naps refresh us. They help in changing our mood and relax our mind. This in turn improves our thought process and gives more clarity. So, go for a nap to bring back the glee 🙂

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂

Stay clean, bring happiness!


We all believe in Cleanliness is next to Godliness! . But I also believe in Cleanliness is next to happiness!

Physical surroundings play an important role in one’s happiness. How do you feel when you come back to a messy house after a long day at work? Is your house cluttered with a lot of unwanted stuff? Do clothes from your wardrobe fall off when you open it? Do you breathe in dust? Is your workspace cluttered with papers? Does your kitchen have food stains everywhere? Is there a pile of clothes still lying on the bed along with your wet towel? Does it bring down your mood? Do you feel irritated and cranky? This is the case with most of us who ignore cleanliness. I was one of them until I realised it’s importance.

Unclean surroundings create negativity. They create dullness and bad mood.
Imagine coming back to a beautiful and a clean home that smells of fresh flowers. The house is so clean and tidy that you feel the space no matter how small the house is. You find all your things where they are suppose to be. Your space affects your thoughts. A clean and tidy space will trigger positive and clear thoughts. A clean outer space will clean your inner space!

1. Clean your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards, kitchen, office desks on regular basis.

2. Get rid of all the old and unwanted stuff.

3. Have less stuff. Lesser the stuff, lesser the cleaning to be done.

4. Organise your space.

5. Make sure there is enough light and air.

6. Decorate your space for it to inspire you and bring out the positivity.

Our space influences our mood and attitude. We spend most of the time either at home or office. And if that’s not tidy, we are surely depriving ourselves of the happiness we deserve. We are blocking our happy thoughts and are bringing down our own productivity. It’s never too late for anything! If you have still not cleaned up your space, now is the time.

A clean space is a happy space to be in!

Happy cleaning!

Lots of love,

Glee cheat code #3

Listen to your favorite music!

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂


Create Happy Memories!

In my last post, I wrote about recalling happy memories to bring some glee in our lives. But to recall, we need to create such everlasting memories that bring a smile on our faces. Here are few ways we can create some happy memories that can stay with us forever –

1. Take a LOT of pictures. It captures the event, people involved and the mood beautifully!

2. Celebrate special occasions and not-so special occasions. We don’t always need a reason to celebrate, do we ?

3. Capture memories by making a video. If you have kids, nothing can be a better present than gifting them their childhood when they grow up. Make videos of cute moments, silly moments, embarrassing moments, crazy moments and look at them when you need a break from all your worries!

4. If you love writing, make a diary or a create personal blog with all the happy
memories that you wish to lock.

5. Spend fun times with family and friends. Travel or just spend weekends doing something fun!

6. Create a memory jar. It can be a fun DIY. Take a glass jar and fill it with memories from all round the year or a particular event. You can fill it with photos, some souvenirs from a trip, cards etc. Bring out the creative side in you! Lots of ideas available on Pinterest.

7. Create a memory wall. Another DIY option if you want to build a wall of your room with all your happy memories to cherish forever!

I am sure there can be more ways apart from the ones mentioned above. Do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear them 🙂

Lots of glee,

Recall Happy Memories!

Recall as often as you wish…
A happy memory never wears out!

Last night, my dad’s friend sent him a picture of a letter that my dad had written him in 1983. In it he had shared that he was getting married and how he was looking forward to meet his friend. My dad was overjoyed to read it and was amazed that his friend still had the letter with him after all these years. This led to a family conversation of recalling all the amazing moments from the past. It was a super fun evening!

Happy memories from the past fill your heart with glee. They take you back to that moment and you start experiencing all of that once again. We spoke about how much I cried on my first day to school. We spoke about our vacations together. We spoke about how I loved playing (read as bossing over!) with my little brother. We spoke about my parents wedding. We spoke about our birthday celebrations. We just went on and on and on.There is always so much to recall from the past that one day is just not enough!

All of us have amazing moments filled with glee in our lives. But we are so caught in our present that we often forget to recall those moments that made us happy. Here are a few ways to do so!

1. This is a MUST – Sit down with your family and talk about all the happy things from the past. Your family will always have so much to share!

2. Next time you meet or call a friend, cherish the moments from the past.

3. As suggested in the last glee cheat code, go through your old photo albums.

4. Search your laptop or email accounts or social media accounts. You are sure to find some picture or an old conversation that will give you a reason to smile.

5. Revisit the places that you loved and have awesome memories associated with.

6. Share your happy stories with people in your present.

7. Create happy moments in your present so that you have something to recall and smile back in future.

Love your present and cherish the happy memories from the past!
Din’t you just recall a happy memory from past? Din’t it make you smile 🙂 ! Share your moments with us too!

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Lots of love and smiles to all,

Hurry Sickness

I have been analyzing my behavior for quite some time now and trying to make changes to it for a more happier lifestyle. One of the things that I observed in me was that I am always in a hurry. I don’t eat my food, I gulp it down. I don’t take too long to get ready. Even when it’s a day off from work, I work at a speed as if I have to catch a bus. Even if I am out for dinner or shopping, I am in a rush. I am in a constant habit of multi-tasking. I try to do too many things at a time. In fact, I was happy that I can manage so much in so little time until recently when I read an article in the newspaper and was introduced to a new term called ‘Hurry Sickness’. A quick look at the dictionary defines it as a behaviour pattern characterized by continual rushing and anxiousness; an overwhelming and continual sense of urgency.

So, what’s wrong with multi-tasking or finishing tasks early? There’s nothing wrong with it until it becomes a habit which we should not have developed unintentionally. With hurry sickness we want everything to happen immediately and if it doesn’t then it leads to anger, frustration, irritation and unnecessary stress. We don’t have the patience for traffic lights to turn green. We don’t have the patience to stand in a queue or wait for the elevator. We don’t have the patience to wait for our food to be served. Everyone these days is leading a stressful life and we are always short of time. Time will never be sufficient unless we learn to value it. Some practises that can help get over hurry sickness-

1. Consciously SLOW down. Analyse your behavior. The moment you feel that you are losing patience and are in an unnecessary rush, remind yourself!

2. Eat slowly. Chew and relish every bite. It’s the fuel that keeps us going.

3. Plan in advance. Planning ahead of time of will give a clear picture of how and when things should be approached.

4. Prioritize your to-do list. Assign priorities to your tasks and work accordingly to avoid last minute rush.

5. Wake up a few minutes early.
If your mornings go running around the house then try and wake up a little early than your usual time. It gives you some extra minutes to enjoy your mornings. I am one of the victims and I am really trying hard to get rid of this running around.

6. Practise Yoga, Breathing or Meditation. They have a calming effect on the body and mind.

Slow down and breathe a little before you get on with the next thing. All of us working for ourselves. We should be happy and content at the end of it. Don’t let hurry sickness diminish the quality of your life.
Do you have hurry sickness too? I am taking steps to improve my life. What measures do you take? Share with us!

Lots of love and glee,

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Glee cheat code #2

Go through those old photographs filled with fun memories!

Photographs from your childhood, wedding, college, vacation or just any random old snaps will definitely lift your mood!

Had a bad day ? Feeling demoralized ? Use the Glee cheat codes to bring instant happiness, Right Now 🙂